No sir.  Your comments were not misinterpreted.  We interpreted them perfectly, in the exact way you meant them.  They were not intellectual or high brow or sensitive. Your words were perverted and low class and degrading, precisely how you meant them to be because this is how you think and how you think you are allowed to speak to us. This is how you see us. We are the women around you. Assistants, advisors, accountants, counselors, reporters, actors, writers, servers, baristas, managers, teachers, nurses, familiars, and strangers. We are simply women you see as ‘less than.’  You speak to us with language and inappropriate touching that exposes your fear and confusion about us as different but equal. Because you are unable to process this equality, you chose misogynistic sexualization to relate to us, communicate with us, thereby demeaning us and revealing your own flawed character as afraid, archaic and unable to adapt to a world that is different than the one decades ago, when you were the superlative, smartest, most innovative person in the room. At best, this is a tactic to make us feel threatened, shut down our initiative, and ensure we are so embarrassed for ourselves or for you, we do not show anyone that we are capable of intelligent thought or of engaging in intellectual conversation.  At worst, it is a power play to literally threaten our safety, gauge our weakness, and determine how easily you may be able to cajole or manipulate your way into our confidence to take advantage of us physically through assault or rape. Either way, you have failed every woman in your life – your mother, your wife, your sisters, your daughters – because you fail to see any woman in your life as a person; only a thing to manipulate, maneuver, then (literally) manhandle out of your way. So again – we did not misinterpret anything. We understand you – just what you said and exactly what you are. And we are done.

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